Forestry Agency

Forestry Agency is a state sub-agency organization of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia.
Main tasks of the Department are to work out and implement state policy in the field of forest fund protection, restoration and renewal of forests and usage of forest resources, to protect forests from fire, illegal cutting, harmful insects and diseases, to work out activities for saving and qualitative improvement of forests having soil-conserving, water retention, climate regulation, sanitary-hygienic, recreation and other functions, to provide system of registering state forest resources, to monitor activities of ongoing state programmes and other activities allowed by law on the territory of state forest fund, to implement supervision of their realization according to a proved law, to participate in international relations on sustainable development of state forest fund within its competence area and to cooperate with scientific and non-governmental organizations.
Structural subdivisions of Forestry Agency are: Service of Forest Management, Service of Economics, Administrative Service and Service of Monitoring.

6 G. Gulua Str.
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: 72 72 83